deutsch: Dehnung (unter Spannung) f
español: alargamiento (esfuerzo)
français: allongement (tension)
italiano: allungamento (su sollecitazione)
中文: 应变
русский: удлинение n

Stretch, draw tightly, make tense, make tight, tighten, Try hard, make great efforts, Extreme tension / Wrench, sprain, injure by stretching, Percolate, filter, be filtered, be strained, Over-exertion, violent effort, great exertion / Exert (to the utmost), put to the utmost strength, Sprain, wrench / Pervert (from the true intent), push too far, Tune, melody, movement / Squeeze, press, embrace, hug, fold tightly in the arms, Poem, lay, song, sonnet / Force, constrain, compel, Style, manner / Filter, purify (by filtration), filtrate, percolate, Turn, tendency, disposition, inborn disposition / Fatigue, over-exert, tire, over-task, over-work, Bearing, conduct, port, manner of action / Stock, race, descent, family, lineage, pedigree, descent, extraction

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