deutsch: Verschleiß m
español: abrasión f
français: usure f
italiano: usura f
中文: 磨损
русский: износ m

Carry (upon the person), bear, have on, Be wasted, wear away / Bear, have an appearance of, exhibit in appearance, Endure use, last under employment / Use up by having upon one, Suffer injury by use, be wasted, be consumed, be diminished by use / Impair (by use), waste, consume by use, use up, wear away, wear out, Be tediously spent, be consumed by slow degrees / Impair, waste, diminish, consume gradually, spend, cause to disappear / Cause by friction, occasion by wasting / Affect by degrees, bring about gradually / Veer

Мультиязычный словарь по пластикам 


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